Civil Litigation

Have you been sued or are you thinking about suing another? Be prepared for an expensive, emotional, and time-consuming ordeal. Sometimes you can recover your legal costs and attorney fees from the opposing party. Sometimes you cannot. But perhaps you have already tried asking your neighbor to repair the wall his tree roots destroyed; or you have already waited an extra 68 days for a customer to pay an overdue invoice. You have tried to be patient, you have tried to be nice, but it hasn't worked. In some situations civil litigation may be the only means available to you to obtain relief from another's harm against you or your property. And if you are being sued by another, you really have no choice in the matter; litigation has chosen you. No matter what your specific circumstances are, we can help. If you have a case that justifies the expense of trial, we can guide you through the complex maze of litigation. If your case is not as strong as you might have hoped, we will tell you so that your time and money are not wasted. And if you happen to be on the wrong side of a lawsuit, we are here to help you get on with your life as quickly and with the least amount of damage as possible.